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All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender

All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender


Our natural all-purpose surface cleaner is real soap made from coconut oil, olive oil and other natural ingredients. It’s safe for all surfaces and designed to deal with messes of all shapes and sizes. Like all of our eco-friendly products, it’s naturally powerful and detergent free – no petrochemical dirty secrets. Available in lemongrass or lavender scents derived from natural and essential oils in a 16 fl oz spray bottle. Soap is back!


Made in USA, Cruelty-Free, HDPE, Please Recycle, Biodegradable Icons

How to Use

Spray and wipe for a shiny, natural clean.

Our Ingredients

water, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, potassium cocoate, polyglyceryl-4 caprate, natural fragrance, potassium oleate, potassium caprylate/caprate, potassium olivate, glyceryl caprylate/caprate, glycerin, citric acid (click to learn more)


Always Free From: detergents (like sulfates, glucosides, and ethoxylates), synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, dyes, parabens, phosphates, animal cruelty or any other dirty secret shortcuts

Safety & Precaution

 Flush thoroughly with water if gets in eyes. Keep all household cleaning products away from children.