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Why do we use soap instead of synthetic detergents in our products?

Because soap is made using simple ingredients and simple chemistry that’s been around since 2,800 BC. The first soap makers made soap from fats, oils and salts to clean cooking utensils and textiles. That’s right. Soap is the original natural household cleaner.

When fats and oils were rationed during World War II…

…a soap shortage helped lead to synthetic detergents becoming the norm in our cleaning products.

What many people don’t know is that synthetic detergents – including the more recently developed plant-derived ones - are made using petroleum and petrochemicals. Soap is not.

So we set out to create cleaning products made with biodegradable soap that clean as well as synthetic detergents. We took our time and made sure we got it right.

Soap is Back!

Ditch the Detergent and Shop Soap