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birds-eye view of salad, utensils, lemon water, bottle of all-purpose spray cleaner

31 Jul, 2019

Why “Plant-Based” Doesn’t Mean Much When it Comes to Cleaning Products

We know that many consumers are getting wise to the greenwashing of the cleaning industry, which is why more people are opting for household cleaners labeled “plant-based,” aiming to clean with cleaner ingredients. But there’s a dirty secret: “plant-based” and “plant-derived” cleaners almost always use synthetic detergents made using petroleum. 
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person washing hands in kitchen sink with foamy lather on hands, in the background foaming hand wash bottle and produce on counter

29 Jul, 2019

4 Vital Reasons to Use Truly Natural Cleaning Products in Your Home

Do you really know what’s in your hand soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, and all-purpose cleaners? The dirty truth is that most of the eco-friendly products on shelves today—including ones marketed as plant-based, clean products—are filled with ingredients you don’t want anywhere near your food, skin, and loved ones. 
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Laundry basket with towels, wool dryer balls, and a sign that says 'soap is back!'

14 May, 2019

Introducing Ingredients Matter

We are Ingredients Matter—and we're on a mission to set a new standard in natural cleaning. As a part of that mission we will be sharing our story and doing what we can to share insights on making healthier homes.
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