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Washing dishes with our lemongrass dish soap, made with natural soap!

Our Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee and FREE Shipping


We get it. Laundry and cleaning habits are hard to change! You’ve got a system, and while you might want to swap out your petrochemical-powered laundry detergent for a soap-based product that works even better, it can be tough to make the shift. That’s why we offer a risk-free, money back guarantee and free shipping on all orders—because we want to make a tough change easier on you. 

We know we’re asking you to try a product that’s different from what you’ve gotten used to, but we think you’ll be glad you did. Many natural cleaners out there get a double thumbs down because they can’t clean as well as conventional products, and they’re not even that natural to boot, given that they’re powered by synthetic detergents instead of truly natural ingredients. Third-party testing shows our laundry soap powder works as well as the leading conventional detergent, WITHOUT the petrochemical dirty secrets. If you can clean with the power of any product out there without petroleum, and you can do it at no risk to you? That’s a double thumbs up.

Give our products a try! We’re so confident that you’ll love the way they clean that if you’re anything less than delighted, email us at and let us know. We promise to make it right.